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Private Sessions With Jacyntha

Emotional Energy Healing, Transformational Coaching, Intuitive Life Readings

A deeply personal, customized session, or series of sessions in service to helping you… feel deep and lasting relief fully embody your divine light be naturally creative and inspired for art & the art of life feel clear, centered and strong know your true purpose and be oriented on your soul’s right path

From Grief to Bliss

Grief rips us open, throws us off course, and can even scramble who we know ourselves to be. Our grief journey is always unique, even if some aspects are shared. Unfortunately, our culture’s perception of, and support of our grieving is often misguided or just plain missing. This inherently sacred journey can wind up getting pushed, covered over, labeled, or avoided, leading to stuckness, despair, addictions, exhaustion, and many other increasingly painful conditions.

Sweet Slumber:
Mastering the Art, Science,
and Spirit of Sleep

An opportunity to learn simple, but powerful ways to prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally, and spiritually for deepening relaxation into restful and restorative sleep.  You’ll also receive guided meditations, music recommendations, vitamin and herbal suggestions, and tips for how to create bed and room conditions for your true rest and relaxation.  Also, learn how to use your dreamtime as a rich resource for gaining helpful insights into yourself, on various life situations, for more energy healing, spiritual growth, and increasing creativity.

Transform Stage Fright
into Your Greatest Gift

Whether you’re fretting over a speech, a performance, or a difficult conversation, this is an efficient and effective course providing the opportunity to learn how you can turn stage fright into a grounded, confident, inspired, and dynamic delivery.

Energy Healing for
Graceful Weight Loss


Through guided hypnosis, nutritional assessments, informed approaches, and custom-created guidelines that are designed to best suit your needs, an opportunity to learn how to address lifestyle changes holistically and gracefully.  For example, you can learn and assess the 7 different types of nourishment (food is only one of these) so that weight loss never feels like deprivation.  An opportunity to learn many approaches and techniques to choose from.  Use hypnosis intended to make the whole process of change easier.

Whole Spectrum Energy Healing Program
for Physical Health, Emotional Harmony
and a Full, Vibrant Life


An opportunity to discover your inner healer and learn powerful energy healing techniques you can use for yourself and share with your loved ones.  You can learn to transform your energy for overall health, more relaxation, and into creative flow states to be at your best in any situation.  Here you can also learn more about your 7 primary energy centers (chakras), how they interact with your physical body, your levels of consciousness, and how their state can impact every aspect of your life.

Conscious Embodiment:
Realization Process Meditation with
Movement & Yoga


Not only will you have the opportunity to feel more embodied, grounded, and healthier, but you can also realize Fundamental Consciousness in and through your body.  This approach combines powerful, embodiment meditations with deep awareness of breath, energy flow, glands, and consciousness in sophisticated approaches to the most natural ways for the human body to move efficiently and gracefully.

The 4 Primary Realms of
Stress & Trauma-Informed Transformation Practices


How to choose which modality may be best suited to your unique needs at various phases of your journey.  An opportunity to learn how you can assess what is going on for you at its root and which directions to search for your ultimate health and well-being.

Calm & Resilient in Any Storm with
Polyvagal Theory Informed Mindfulness


Just like we learn how to drive a car to navigate our outer world, so we also need to learn to navigate our own nervous system to conduct our minds and bodies safely and sanely through life.  An opportunity to learn what are considered the best ways to self-regulate and co-regulate your autonomic nervous system to feel your best and respond in the ways you most deeply desire, in any situation.  This approach not only can provide the benefits experienced in meditation but can be a wonderful doorway into any meditation practice, especially if you find meditation difficult.  These simple, physical practices can help you move through relationships, career, and various stressful life circumstances with more grace and ease without excess mental strain and striving.

Healthy Love & Sexuality


Tantric Channel Clearing & Repair

What Tantra Really Is

Conscious Dating:
Applied Polyvagal Theory & Practices in the Heat of Challenging Relationship Dynamics

What is Narcissism, and How to Navigate It in Relationships and the World

Awakening and Channeling Sexual Energy into Spiritual Realization, Energy Healing & States of Continual Bliss

Spiritual Development


Ancestral Healing

Shamanic Intelligence & Creativity

Akashic Records

Reading & Mobilizing Energy

Developing Intuition & Psychic Abilities

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Products & Resources

Nature Mandalas by Sandi Vetter

To purchase these nature mandala art images (and many more!) as individually crafted blank greeting cards, wall prints & customized gift boxes…  and for wedding or event theme cards, stationery & gift boxes…

The Leval Method

Learn a unique method to access and flow with infinite, universal energy in your body to transform your life.

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