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Imet Jacyntha over two years ago and remember the moment vividly.  I had been struggling with an array of issues—health, relationship, meaningful work—and was told that I must see this amazing energy healing practitioner with a magical sounding name.

I was taken with her the moment I saw her.  Jacyntha is beautiful, graceful, and incredibly warm but she also possesses a rare almost luminous energy.  I immediately felt engaged and excited.  Here was someone with depth.  I was in the presence of someone extraordinary.

During our first session, as I told her my story, I felt completely at ease and deeply heard.  But what happened next was almost stunning.  How many times had I been in a therapist’s office and been utterly disappointed by their lack of insight.  How completely opposite was Jacyntha.  I was almost overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of her response to me.  She appeared in such a short time to grasp the core not just of the issues I was dealing with but also of who I was, why I might be stuck, and how I could set myself free.

In her work, Jacyntha draws on her vast and varied background—in theater, movement, psychology, coaching, teaching and so much more—but she possesses also remarkable intuition, compassion, and a deep spiritual sense.  She is at once the most grounded person I know and the most spiritual.  During a session with Jacyntha, you will move from the particulars of your life to larger universals, but never in an academic or pedantic way.  She never lectures—not at all—yet I often find myself taking notes, desperately wanting to capture the pearls of Jacyntha wisdom.

She imparts her knowing unselfconsciously, unselfishly, and always with love.  Her eyes are completely focused on you.  She cares so deeply, even passionately about you, your journey, your life; as it is, as it could be, as you want it to be.  She draws on your powers of imagination and intentionality to help you create a vision of your life and follows that by suggesting actions, what she calls ‘planting seeds,’ to make them blossom into reality.  At one point, I was thinking of writing a book.  Knowing my background in academics, she suggested that I create a course outline—a syllabus—including all the books and travels I might take to research the book.  It was exciting and inspiring.

So is Jacyntha.  For Jacyntha, her work is a calling.  I feel blessed to have such a gifted and devoted companion by my side and in my life.  Honestly, I will never let her go!  Are you thinking of working with Jacyntha?  Do it.  An amazing journey lies before you.

M. L.
Writer / Artist

Quite simply, my work with Jacyntha has changed my life.  She has helped me through extraordinary personal and professional challenges with rare wisdom, insight, intuition and knowledge.  She has helped me navigate the most difficult of times — profound losses, career challenges, family upheavals — and in so doing, has given me greater awareness, insight, perspective and strength.

She is part spiritual adviser, philosopher, historian and mentor.  Jacyntha’s sessions involve a combination of listening, teaching, and resolving.  Unlike traditional therapy that often leaves you with unanswered questions and feeling tense, unsettled, and depleted, I come away from every session with Jacyntha feeling revitalized both physically and mentally — and it stays with me for days.

I would never have imagined working with someone like Jacyntha, but she is now my “go to” for navigating through the vicissitudes of life.  I have recommended her to numerous friends and family.  For anyone who is going through a transition, is looking to better understand themselves, to get more out of their journey, or just needs a boost, Jacyntha is an indispensable resource.

Working with Jacyntha has been truly enlightening, and has enabled me to be a stronger, calmer and more successful person.

Boston, MA

Iwas referred to Jacyntha by my therapist when I was going through a divorce (because talk therapy alone just was not enough!).  Each session with Jacyntha was like a spiritual reset and an energetic refueling.  Through our work together, I came to see that the dissolution of my marriage represented a deeper, spiritual divorce of the way I’d been walking through life, with very little love and compassion for myself, and with little regard for the feminine.

I’d worked with other energy healing practitioners before meeting Jacyntha.  What separates Jacyntha from the rest is her deep commitment to her own personal (spiritual) work, so she can serve as a clear container, a conduit to source for her clients.  Jacyntha has been my guide (never a guru) in our work together.  In partnership with the divine, she supports her clients’ journeys back to their authentic selves, so each client can fully realize their soul’s unique purpose.

Jacyntha has changed my life and by extension, my two daughters’ lives.  My daughters have been gifted a mother who values herself and the feminine.  Because of all the work I have done with Jacyntha, I am now able to hold space for my daughters to blossom into their authentic selves, as they discover what makes their souls sing.

Tracy Barsamian
Mother & Graduate Student
Boston, MA

What brought me to Jacyntha was an unhealthy relationship where I needed to learn to set healthy boundaries.  I was giving away my power within this relationship and it drained and exhausted me, so that I developed back pain and other stress symptoms.

Jacyntha is a great teacher, mentor and supervisor.  I love to reflect on topics with her as she sees the bigger picture as well as the detailed energetic and behavioural patterns behind.

Jacyntha’s approach is based on raising (higher) consciousness while staying grounded with the topic and your own personality.  The coaching and energy healing journey was a professional reflective process contained in a beautiful, warm, loving and caring atmosphere.

Jacyntha’s guided meditations are deeply moving for stuck patterns.  I learned to understand and detect my own unconscious perceptions and behavioural patterns.  I was able to heal an old relationship wound from my childhood.  Since then, I feel well grounded, able to set healthy boundaries with a beautiful mixture of grace and love, determination and decisiveness.

I am feeling internally strengthened and open to a new healthy relationship, feeling deeply confident and connected to my core-self.

Jacyntha is embodied love, feminine power and an extraordinary energy healing expert.  She combines ancient wisdom, latest professional coaching and energy healing know-how with a well structured, beautifully guided process and orientation that makes the client feel safe and taken care of.  She carries an inner attitude that is authentically aligned with what she teaches.  Her professional training as an actor and energy healing practitioner consists of an outstanding variety of different techniques that she is able to combine and apply in a highly professional and intuitively intelligent manner.  I love her voice, her always deeply caring personality, and her clarity in guidance.

Business Owner

Icommitted to Jacyntha and her approach for so many reasons.  I had been sick with a debilitating condition for almost two years — chronic fatigue with numerous related symptoms including digestive dysfunction, dizziness, and sleep issues.  I was also depressed and anxious much of the time.  It had been a period of crisis on many levels in which both my 35-year career and 20-year marriage were coming to their ends.

Over time I have come to see this entire chapter as a blessing because of the exploration with Jacyntha.  I have such a deeper understanding of myself, my soul and life and its many dimensions and levels as well as understanding my health — perhaps the same thing essentially — from many perspectives.  Jacyntha helped me develop the capacity to be with and listen and appreciate, in fact love, what is happening and experience it as Grace even.  It’s been remarkable.  The breadth of her knowledge is incredible but more impressive and exciting is her capacity to synthesize and distill down multiple concepts from multiple sources in useful and learnable ways.  She will draw from polyvagal, trauma theory, Tao Te Ching, Buddhism, Jung and more.  Jacyntha is always patient and supportive.  I can depend on her to be with me where I am and support me in that place.  Somehow however there is always deeper learning happening for me too.

The energy healing and coaching process/journey been truly amazing.  I was lost in a world of chasing symptoms and searching for the “right” doctor to heal me.  I have been doing spiritual work seriously for 20 years but I was overcome by my sudden illness.  Jacyntha patiently accompanied me on the journey.  That is truly how it has felt.  When she breaks in and synthesizes.  I might be lost in a very specific story and then she expands it so I see it as part of a pattern and the very journey we have been describing and exploring together.

When I needed her almost daily, she was there.  Remarkable, loving and compassionate.  I have changed so much.  I still have less than ideal health but I have so much more peace, joy and awareness now, far more than I experienced even before the illness arrived.  It’s been the journey of a lifetime and unveiled an endless array of dark and confusing places that have haunted and confused me my entire life.

I’m now in a phase of learning how to live in a new way.  I look forward to Jacyntha’s support and guidance in this new phase.  I have learned and understood so much from newly uncovered early life trauma and its patterns, to how to self-regulate and listen to my body.  The next step is to live from this new place.  Much of my work is about allowing the Divine Feminine, which had deeply suppressed my whole life, come forward and blossom in the way I live.

Her dedication and commitment is like no other I have ever experienced.

Michael Landgarten
Restaurateur / Developer / Consultant (Retired)
Kittery Point, Maine

Iwas at a point where I had to let out my life story, my truth, and I desperately needed to rewrite my story based on my own terms.  I took some drastic steps that impacted my health, my family and my professional life and I don’t think I could have done without Jacyntha.  Her energy healing and coaching process kept me going in the darkest hour, that’s all I can say.

I now have a new beginning, faith, and hope.  I have now launched my second act and I desire it to be so much better than I can ever imagine.

Jacyntha was my rock, very grounded, no matter what — she always showed up at her best and that is priceless.  I love her.

Sharon Kan
Boston MA USA

When I met Jacyntha I had various problems in my life.  I had lot of fears, insecurities and I could not figure it out how to face some situations.  I was feeling alone and without the strength to change the things that made me feel stuck

I knew from the beginning that I could trust Jacyntha.  She cared about me, she listened, she was patient, she was loving…  She gave all that she was able and more, she stayed next to me during the whole process.  I think that ever since I came to this country, she was actually the one who made me feel safe here.

The energy healing and coaching journey has been a life changing for me.  Since the first day, I felt the support from Jacyntha.  She understood what I needed and guided me during each session.  It is difficult to explain with words how powerful her work can be.  I gain confidence:  I could face my fears and insecurities.  I discovered many things about myself that I did not know before.

Now, I am in a better place.  I feel secure about myself and I try to enjoy every moment.  I am able to connect with more people.  I no longer guilty for having the quality of life that I have today.  Sometimes I prefer not to ask where I want to go next in my life, and just see how life goes.  Probably this is my weak area to plan, look ahead and decide where I would like to go next…

Jacyntha is an amazing person, since the first day she understood what I was looking for and tried to help and guide me.  I was amazed by the miraculous effects that each session had on me.  She helped me to discover or see things that I couldn’t see before.  She empowered me and now I feel more confident and secure than I would have ever imagined.  Her knowledge is impressive, and she cares a lot about you.  During our journey together, I could understand situations and heal old wounds.  She also gave me tools to face my daily life.

Jacyntha is incredibly empathetic and intuitive, and it has been a pleasure to work with her.  I highly recommend her and I am sure that she could help a lot of people through her work.  It is an experience unlike any other.  You can discover things about yourself and you have someone that cares about you and give all to help through the process.

Jacyntha, is light and love.  I don’t have words to express my gratitude and how fortunate I was to meet her and count on her guidance in my healing process…

Rosanna O.
Administrative Assistant at Wine Importer
Massachusetts, US

Iwas speaking with a friend last fall and said I was feeling…confused, cloudy and stuck, and that I was wanting to transition to another place…both personally and professionally.  My friend suggested we connect and that she heard from a friend who recently worked with you, how life transforming it was for her.  So, I was open minded and made the 1st call to you with no expectations or understanding how you would help.  All I know is the minute we spoke I felt I could trust you as we were about to endeavor on…a great journey for me.  After our 1st session, I felt a huge shift.  And with each corresponding session, I felt more and more of a shift.  I felt that a major weight was lifted from my body and that my soul felt lighter and freer than ever before… the shift of energy has been transformative for me.  I no longer feel the heaviness I did 9 months ago.

Thank you Jacyntha, from the bottom of my soul to help me find my true voice…help me restore my energy and the greatest gift of all…was to feel hope and to be able to dream again.

Dan Mathieu
Retired Business Owner

Jacyntha has been a guiding force in integrating my professional, personal and spiritual growth over the years.  She has an amazing combination of clarity and ability to cut through challenges in decision making, intuition about spiritual and psychologic growth and knowledge about physical and spiritual practices to support well-being.  In my work with Jacyntha, I have deepened my connection to the Yin/feminine side of my nature while continuing to be an active goal-oriented professional.  I’m finding myself more able to “do” with heart and grace.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jacyntha!

Belle Linda Halpern
Author / Artist / Co-Founder of International Business
Boston, MA

Before I met Jacyntha I had been on the path of self-development / healing work for over 20 years.  Even though there was much personal growth during that time, bouts of extreme worry and grief were too familiar.  I felt as though the amount of healing I had already undergone, combined with my otherwise “good life” did not warrant the deep level of suffering and grief I was experiencing.  It didn’t make sense to me!  In my introductory phone session with Jacyntha, I felt understood and supported in a way that I’ve never felt before.  During our sessions, Jacyntha is able to synthesize the information I share with her, and articulate the connections between creativity, sexuality, spirituality, psychology and physiology in a way that helps me understand my experience.

Since working with Jacyntha and her energy healing methods, the extreme worry has been lifted and joy and confidence have increased greatly.  I look forward to continued expansion with Jacyntha as my guide.  The clarity, support, guidance, love and the ultimate energy healing she offers is extraordinary.

Melanie C.
Business Owner
Boston, MA

Working with Jacyntha has been a wonderful journey.  What has made Jacyntha’s work so special for me is her capacity to offer support which has helped me to be active in the creation of my own transformative path.  Jacyntha guided me in a holistic energy healing experience where mind, heart and body feel connected and awakened.  Through my work with Jacyntha I have learned to trust myself and be more confident in following my passion and realising new projects with joy.

Irene Mattioli
Performing Artist and Director
Berlin, Germany

Ifirst started working with Jacyntha…when I had lost a close friend and needed help during this time of grief.  I found Jacyntha to be so caring, compassionate, and insightful.  After a few sessions, I knew that I wanted to continue working with her.  Jacyntha has helped me open up my spirituality and she is “in tune” with whatever experiences I am having.  She also suggests practices that I do after our sessions so that I can continue to grow and be more open.  I find that I have become more self-aware during my daily life.  I am so grateful that I found Jacyntha and look forward to continuing my spiritual development with her.

Pat Scheuer
Austin, TX

Jacyntha possesses an extraordinary understanding of the relationship between spirit, emotion, imagination, and the body.  In addition to her extensive training which ranges from experimental voice work to shamanic journeying to Jungian studies and more, Jacyntha has integrated her knowledge so deeply through experiential application that her creative work as a writer, energy healing practitioner, teacher and a collaborative artist is highly original.  Her rare combination of work is sought after by artists, business professionals and alternative healing arts practitioners in the U.S. and throughout Europe.  She has an exquisite sensitivity to how a form lives in parallel process with content and how those combine to both transform artist and the art.  I also feel that she is uniquely qualified to absorb spiritual ideas and bring them forth again through an expression that will illuminate an underlying truth.  Finally, I would say she is one of the most creative people I have ever met!

Anne Gottlieb
Award-Winning Actress / Writer / Artistic Director / International Leadership Consultant
Boston, MA

Jacyntha has a rare combination of deep intuition, experience of many energy healing modalities, and an ability to communicate subtle teachings in a clear, actionable way.  Many a time I have come into a session with her confused and by the end I feel energized and ready to take the next step on my path.  I have studied and trained with many spiritual teachers, world class coaches and therapists from various backgrounds and have always felt that Jacyntha’s breadth of understanding encompasses all these traditions while at the same time she adds her own unique perspective and wisdom.  Jacyntha has an extraordinary gift and whenever I have recommended her to family and friends, they have always thanked me profusely and sung her praises.

Kathy Lubar
Author / Former President and Co-Founder of International Business

Jacyntha and I took flight in a profound and transformative personal process which completely changed my life.  A world I had always sensed inside of me opened up and filled my daily life with its beauty and truth.  She knows how to find an individual’s inner creative resources which allow us to become who we truly and profoundly are.  She never looks for performance but for truth, never asks for discipline but for excellence.  She perfectly understands the stages of transformation for a person and communicates this in a rich and inspiring way.  Her way of assisting is simply a return to consciousness of who we are and the path leading us to the heart of the world.  Her presence is complete, unique and unforgettable.  (Translated from French)

Caroline Duval
Actress / Director / Teacher / Founder and Director of Association Artistique
Nice, France

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