Energy Healing & Transformational Coaching

with Jacyntha Kamor & Co

Crisis Can Be Your Turning Point

This is an empowering approach designed to turn crisis into opportunity, suffering into well-being.

Through self-paced courses and individual sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new methods intended to provide…

  • Wisdom & Resiliency Through Any Situation
  • Informed, Intelligent Optimism
  • Inner Emotional Anchors for Peace & Sanity

  • Practical Spiritual States & Intuitive Skills

  • A Customized Version of Exquisite Health
  • Increased Poignancy & Pleasure in Relationships
  • Harmonizing of the Conscious & Subconscious Minds
  • Conscious, Confident & Attuned Leadership Skills

Jacyntha’s teachings are informed by decades of experience working with clients and students across the globe, and the wisdom of in-depth training in multiple energy healing modalities.

“Jacyntha is an indispensable resource.”

“It is difficult to explain with words how powerful her work can be.”

“Quite simply, my work with Jacyntha has changed my life.”

It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

You work hard.  You’ve accomplished so much in your life.  You’re thoughtful, ethical, caring.  You’ve even done or explored various forms of inner work and made progress there too.  Yet you still find yourself feeling burdened by obligations, holding some part of you back, and increasingly overcome by rising stress and emotions.  Perhaps a loss or crisis has become a tipping point.

You have a deep desire for more, and better — for yourself, your whole life, your loved ones, and your world.  And you crave relief.

But especially now, against the backdrop of a world in tumult, problems can seem insurmountable.  Life can feel heartbreaking.

The good news is that these feelings and states can be the beginning of a new way that finally delights you to the core, that expresses long-buried desires, and brings you to a sense of real accomplishment with deep, spiritual satisfaction.

Even if you are in crisis, the very word holds hope.  Etymologically, the word crisis meant ‘decision and turning point’.

So how can you shift a distressing and confusing period of crisis into a turning point?

Instead of relying on makeshift coping strategies and outworn habits that barely get you through (and that can take a toll on your health and relationships), you need perspective, tools and guidance intended to point you toward a more promising path.

“Since working with Jacyntha and her energy healing methods, the extreme worry has been lifted and joy and confidence have increased greatly.”

“Her energy healing and coaching process kept me going in the darkest hour, that’s all I can say.  I now have a new beginning, faith and hope.”

If You Are Experiencing…

  • Intense, perhaps untenable sorrow over the loss of a loved one

  • Confused ideas and emotions due to a pending or recent divorce
  • Worry and spinning thoughts about your current career, or the trajectory of your career

  • Fear of the future for yourself and your loved ones

  • Feeling out of control of life, others, the world

  • General overwhelm and excess stress
  • Chronic (possibly mysterious) physical issues

  • A loss of meaning and motivation

Then know you’ve found your way to the right place — an opportunity for a new, hopeful way through and forward.

“She has helped me through extraordinary personal and professional challenges with rare wisdom, insight, intuition and knowledge.”

“Working with her has been truly enlightening and has enabled me to be a stronger, calmer and more successful person.”

You Can Begin Your Journey Here

Experience relief, well-being, newfound meaning and direction in your life no matter what you’re going through.

“…the shift of energy has been transformative for me.  I no longer feel the heaviness I did…  Thank you, Jacyntha, from the bottom of my soul…”

“She has changed my life, and by extension, my daughters’ lives.”

“She is part spiritual adviser, philosopher, historian and mentor.  She is now my ‘go to’ for navigating through the vicissitudes of life.”

“Her dedication and commitment is like no other I have ever experienced.”

Meet Jacyntha

Jacyntha Kamor is a distinguished energy healing practitioner, professional leadership coach, and spiritual advisor to clients all over the world in positions of high responsibility and visibility.

She has helped hundreds of individuals reach remarkable levels of personal and professional growth.  Parallel and prior to her extensive education and experience in the healing arts, she has a background in the performing arts, and worked as a leadership development coach with executives of Fortune 500 companies.  She has been a facilitator, coach, and teacher in Europe and across the US, holds a bachelor’s degree in movement therapy, and certificates in holistic health and nutrition coaching (IIN), trauma healing, hypnosis (JHA), Reiki, The Realization Process—Embodiment, Bodywork and Psychotherapy, and more.

Jacyntha is devoted to bringing her fullest self, deepest care, clearest attention, and the most effective methods, tools, and practices to every session and course.

“The breadth of Jacyntha’s knowledge is incredible, but more impressive and exciting is her capacity to synthesize and distill down multiple concepts from multiple sources in useful ways.”

Programs & Sessions

Because you’re always evolving, I believe you have the power to affect your experience and create a calmer, clearer, wiser, more energetic and enthusiastic version of yourself.  When you have opportunity to learn the subtle origins of your internal experiences, it is possible for you to begin to master all the levels of your life energy.

This path of…

  • emotional and physical energy healing
  • life transition and transformation guidance

  • spiritual self-discovery

  • subtle body literacy

  • optimal bio-individual health and nutrition

  • intuition development

  • relationship wisdom

  • conscious leadership

…is based in Jacyntha’s years of training and education in neurological and philosophical research, current best practices, and applied ancient wisdom.  It’s a path that is designed to allow your intelligence, intuition, and inner wisdom to guide and inform your way.

May You Enter Here and Feel a Warm & Welcoming Embrace, and Discover Resources Intended to Help Guide You on a New Path Through and Forward…

*Please note:  While Jacyntha Kamor has extensive experience as a coach, energy healing practitioner, and educator, she is not a physician, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider and her services are not licensed by the state of New Jersey.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

*Client testimonials:  While Jacyntha Kamor cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

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