Here are the 2 Primary Paths…

~ 1 ~

Online & Group Programs

Comprehensive Self-Paced Programs & Live Group Sessions to transform states of grief, pain, confusion, struggle and discomfort into profound release, relief, ease, spiritual awakening, and new opportunities for your life.

In a supportive community setting, you’ll receive the gifts and wisdom from Jacyntha and a variety of guest practitioners for the highest quality approaches, wisdom, recovery practices, transformational coaching, and powerful guided meditations with energy healing transmissions.  The programs are designed to be potent, efficient, and specifically created for busy lives.

~ 2 ~

Private Sessions

Discover your unique personal, relational, spiritual, and vocational/creative path while clearing anything that might be blocking the full expression of your soul through your divinely enlightened body.

You’ll receive direct energy healing, powerful customized practices to do between sessions, and wisdom-based transformational coaching with all attention finally lavished all on you!

“Jacyntha possesses an extraordinary understanding of the relationship between spirit, emotion, imagination, and the body.  She is uniquely qualified to absorb spiritual ideas and bring them forth again through an expression that illuminates an underlying truth.”

“Jacyntha is embodied love, feminine power and an extraordinary energy healing expert.”

“Jacyntha is brilliant.”

“I have learned to trust myself and be more confident in following my passion, and realizing new projects with joy.”

Jacyntha’s Studied and Experience-Based Philosophy

1Health happens in a spectrum…

  • physical, tangible, sensory, environmental

  • energy and emotions

  • mind, imagination, intuition

These 3 basic levels, and other more subtle variations, influence each other.  For example, nutrition can affect the brain and our emotional life as well as physical health.  Our mind, our mental outlook can affect our emotional state and vice versa.  Constant emotional stress can, over time, impact physical health.

I always check in on, and address every level to see the whole picture so that wellness can not only be experienced imminently, but can last over time.

Seeing the whole spectrum of our lives can have huge benefits in terms of health and wellness and also can affect our happiness, well-being, desired success, and ability to live a life worth living.

2The body has its own language, and we are always seeking sanity, balance, relief.

Even if behavior or habit seems destructive, or a symptom is uncomfortable, once we can decipher the language we can then make new and better choices to address the root cause without simply masking symptoms and disregarding deeper truths.

I believe that there is always an inherent message of wisdom no matter how it’s presenting.

3We are each ultimately our own healer.

While I always bring the best of my toolbox and experience, I also always intuitively follow each individual’s unique revelations, unfolding, and timing.  While a variety of effective practices can be transformative, developing trust in one’s own deeper wisdom, creativity, and spiritual resources is just as important to one’s energy healing journey.

4All wellness is a dialogue between our inner lives and the outer world.

If we ONLY focus on changing outer conditions, we often miss the root cause of issues, dilemmas and dynamics.  Then things either stay stuck or repeat.  But when we change our own situation—thoughts, emotions, behaviors—we can have the inner resources, character and wherewithal to affect our outer environment in desired ways, and to co-create our relationships much more harmoniously.

However, if we ONLY focus on our inner lives, we could miss the reason for being alive, in a human body, and on this earth.  I believe we are here to learn, grow AND to create deeply desired change in our part of the world.  Even when it seems impossible, I believe that with the qualities of sanity, clear thinking, informed intuition, physical action, communication, perseverance, and faith we can all bring about our most intimate and global visions of peace, equality, love and joy.

True Health Happens in a Whole Spectrum!

*Please note:  While Jacyntha Kamor has extensive experience as a coach, energy healing practitioner, and educator, she is not a physician, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider and her services are not licensed by the state of New Jersey.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

*Client testimonials:  While Jacyntha Kamor cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

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