Teacher, Energy Healing Practitioner, Transformational Life Coach & Conscious Leadership Consultant.

Jacyntha Kamor has always been devoted to helping her clients and students learn to harmonize the whole spectrum of life, from the mystical to the material.

Jacyntha combines natural intuitive abilities, her deep care and devotion, constant research and education, along with decades of both personal and international professional experience.

She loves to discover and draw out each individual’s capacity for total well-being into their version of wholeness, profound joy, healthy love, and full creative and spiritual potential.

While it is not possible to provide any guarantees her clients have reported…

  • Greater sense of inner calm, more confidence, and optimism
  • New abilities to access realms of bliss, experiences of spiritual connection and expansion
  • Moving more gracefully and meaningfully through major loss and grief
  • Finding and developing their dream career
  • Relief from “stage fright” into greater creativity, self-expression, and communication
  • Removal of personal and ancestral patterns blocking their soul’s full gifts and potential
  • Transforming loneliness into feeling deeper and more authentic connections
  • Resolving and balancing unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • Awakening, soothing and integrating sexual energy with heart-centered, spiritual consciousness

“Jacyntha possesses an extraordinary understanding of the relationship between spirit, emotion, imagination, and the body.  She is uniquely qualified to absorb spiritual ideas and bring them forth again through an expression that illuminates an underlying truth.”

“Jacyntha is brilliant.”

“I don’t have words to express my gratitude.”

Jacyntha has specialized in helping current, potential, and transitioning leaders in business, the arts, politics, education, and in the healing and therapeutic communities.

These are roles which require efficient and effective methods designed to solve problems and a thorough understanding of the challenges that come with high visibility, responsibility and pressure, and special needs for confidentiality.

Often referred to as a “Midwife of the Soul” and a “Healer of Healers…”

Jacyntha is now offering new courses that will teach you the graceful power of research-based, trauma-informed, and intuitive energy healing to integrate and apply in any personal or professional situation.

She also offers thorough training and mentoring to professional healing practitioners in a variety of powerful consciousness-altering and energy transformation techniques, with efficient coaching approaches, and a distillation of vast yet practical philosophies.  Jacyntha also continues to work in-depth with individual clients.

More Details

In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Therapy, she is certified in Trauma Healing, Grief Treatment, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Health and Nutritional Coaching, Bodywork and Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement, Reiki, Akashic Records Reading, and more, and was formerly Mastery Certified in Higher Brain Living (HBL). She is also well-versed in Jungian Psychology and dream work and had formerly been trained and licensed (in NY) as a Massage and Shiatsu Therapist. She spent two decades living and traveling internationally (speaks fluent French) and has studied and worked with a variety of reputable international healers, therapists, shamans, personal development experts, and spiritual teachers.

Jacyntha formerly worked as a leadership development coach for leaders in Fortune 500 companies for The Ariel Group and in education for Inspiring Educators. She has been a facilitator, coach, and teacher in various capacities at Harvard, Duke, Columbia, Brandeis, and several European Universities, and coached aspiring educational leaders on indigenous lands in New Mexico and in charter schools in NYC.

Prior to this, she was an international voice and movement teacher at the Roy Hart Theatre International Voice Centre in the South of France where she lived and worked for over 12 years. She had been trained as a dancer, actress and singer, and co-created, directed and performed in a variety of scripted and original performances in both the US and in Europe. Later, she developed her own approach to creating performances called Shamanic Creativity, which she taught to many accomplished and aspiring artists in Germany, Spain, and France.

As an ongoing student of nutritional healing, Jacyntha has deep familiarity with vegetarian, macrobiotic, raw vegan, paleo, keto lifestyles, the Medical Medium’s protocol. She has done many types of deep physical cleanses including organ kriya cleansing, juice fasting, the Arise and Shine detox, and the latest in histamine and MCAS research, diet, and supplementation. In addition to graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she had also graduated from Eat to Thrive, an intensive course in raw food preparation and detoxing as part of the Hippocrates Institute approach to healing illness. All this has led to her own uniquely adapted health and nutrition lifestyle beyond anyone’s system or philosophy. This means she brings a deep respect for everyone’s “bioindividuality” where each individual’s unique optimal health and supportive lifestyle is a discovery, a co-creation and an ever-evolving journey.

Her spiritual studies and practices have been immersed in Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Judeo-Christian teachings, 12-Step Recovery, and much more all leading to her own unique determinations, definitions, and direct experiences with Spirit. She doesn’t adhere to any particular path, respects them all, and stays open to discovery. She also has the commitment and capacity to help others find and forge their own unique path and most useful spiritual definitions and deepening connections.

All of this and a passion to be of service and help others feel better and improve the quality of their life experience informs every aspect of Jacyntha’s work through online teachings—live and recorded, group retreats and individual virtual and in-person sessions.

*Please note:  While Jacyntha Kamor has extensive experience as a coach, energy healing practitioner, and educator, she is not a physician, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider and her services are not licensed by the state of New Jersey.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

*Client testimonials:  While Jacyntha Kamor cannot guarantee any specific results and the client testimonials on this website do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, the clients providing testimonials on this website report having positive experiences.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information regarding client testimonials.

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