From Grief to Bliss

From Grief to Bliss

 Online Energy Healing & Life Transforming Sanctuary to…

  • Never Feel Lonely Again No Matter Who Is or Isn’t Around
  • Relieve Hidden, Nagging Emotional Pain That Drives You Nuts (Even After Years of Therapy and Other Personal Work)
  • Experience Grief & Loss as a Doorway to Life’s Greatest Gifts
  • Feel Like Someone Turned the Lights Back On in Your Body and Mind
  • Know Without a Doubt That the Best Phase of Your Life is Ahead of You

Grief – whether from a loss through death, divorce, a health, or career crisis or even changes in the world – can rip us open, throw us off course, and can even scramble who we knew ourselves to be. On top of this, our culture’s attitudes and approaches to grief are often misguided, insubstantial, or absent. This adds insult to injury causing us to feel even more isolated and bereft.

But when we grieve well and in the best conditions, grief can instead become a potent and miraculous opportunity. With the right support, practices and conditions, grief leads us to a new portal inside for deeper experiences of love and connection, to life-changing relief, spiritual guidance & wisdom, more meaning and creativity, and even to states of bliss.




In this unique, customized, high-touch program of support, powerful energy healing (direct and taught transmissions), spiritual awakening practices, and essential life skills, your grief will be carefully tended and sensitively transformed as you discover the authentic path of your new life.

This is an online sanctuary. It’s NOT a course that you will have to keep up with. You will have access to all the wonderful resources for a whole year so you have time to find your way and pace.

Your Healing Sanctuary Will Include…

One year access to…

  • Weekly live group Energy Healing with Grief & Spiritual Coaching, Q&A sessions to receive direct energy healing, and to help integrate the material for your unique path and benefit
  • One private, individual 1:1 (via Zoom) Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching session with Jacyntha to help you navigate your journey, deepen your experience, receive clarity and customized energy healing
  • A rich array of recorded video modules with Jacyntha & guest facilitators to experience & integrate in your own time, at your own pace helping you navigate and support your healing and evolution
  • Recorded audio guided practices for daily healing and integration
  • Written materials with more resources for your grief recovery, spiritual development, and creative awakening
  • An online group forum to write in and share, meet others, ask questions, receive written support

Here is your essential path From Grief to Bliss…


Learn the Art of Deep Soothing, Feel Lovingly Held in Your Unique Experience, Honor & Comfort Your Essential Grief Into Relief, Transformation & Evolution

  • The Art of Holding Sacred Space – to feel completely and authentically accompanied and comforted no matter what
  • Soothe painful emotions in your body and stabilize new states of pleasure and bliss
  • Quickly and easily regulate your nervous system out of anxiety and/or inertia into peaceful rest and inspired activity
  • Create Your Unique Path Through the 4 Essential Pillars to Total Healing – identify and implement the best healing modalities for you at the best time
  • Balance All 10 Levels of Body & Soul Nourishment


Miraculously Clean & Clear Stuck or Trapped Energy in Your Subtle Body for Emotional, Physical, Psychic, & Spiritual Relief, Transform Subconscious Traumas So Patterns Don’t Repeat

  • Sessions & Practices for Energy Healing & Clearing
  • Grieve in a Way that Leads to Enlightening the Brain for Spiritual, Intellectual & Creative Brilliance. Guest, Kerstin Liesenfeld, PhD, will enlighten us with the neuroscience and Energy Medicine for healthy grieving to light up the brain in new, more creative, intuitive, and productive ways
  • The Graceful Art of Letting Go. Guest, Catherine Seo, PhD, will guide us in a powerful practice called “Releasing,” to learn the seemingly impossible art of “letting go” into profound sates of peace and acceptance. Instead of feeling like falling either an emotional swirl or the flip-side, numb, we can feel the essential grace and love available underneath. This is masterful, life-changing work


Find New Depths of Connection to Yourself, to Spirit, and to Others, Open Your Spiritual Gifts to Live, Feel, and Navigate the World Better, Discover Your Heaven Within

  • How to Always Feel Connected and Never Feel Lonely Again
  • Open & Develop Your Full Spiritual Gifts, Wisdom & Guidance
  • Develop the On-Going Experience of Peaceful Embodiment
  • Explore Your Natural & Helpful States of Transcendence & Bliss –integrate spiritual experiences and wisdom into daily life for pragmatic solutions and emotional relief
  • Approaching Both Life and Death as a Spiritual Path. Guest, Kathy Lubar, will share essential teachings and practices to learn how to be present with all endings, including death and dying, both in daily life as each moment arises and passes, and as we experience our lives or those of our loved ones approaching an end. Facing death, loss and life-changing transitions with compassion towards ourselves and others as a more intelligent, meaningful, spiritual, and ultimately more creative way to be alive


Find & Create Your Best New Path Forward, Know How to Easily Transform Your Reality, Integrate Important Lessons of the Past & Transcend To A New You

  • Creation of Our Life’s Desires Becomes Inevitable With the 5 Essential Steps of Creation in the 4 Dimensions of Our Existence
  • Make Meaning of and In the Incomprehensible with the Healing Power of Nature, Ritual, and Mandalas –

Whether you consider yourself artistic or not, awakening creativity is vital for every area of life.

Guest, Sandi Vetter, will guide us in a peacefully powerful process of “beholding” nature in a new way, then how to create a simple ritual to connect our soul to life, meaning, mystery, and miracles in ways that can heal the most shattering grief experiences

Ritual is “a form of direct knowing” and a way to relate directly with the larger, unseen world.”

Mandalas were “first practiced by Tibetan Buddhists and then developed by Psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, referred to mandalas as “archetypes of wholeness” that have the function of “integrating psychological division, enhancing psychological harmony, and preserving personality integrity.”

  • Freeing Your True Power in the Lost Art of Lamentation –

Guest, Marya Lowry, will reveal how cultures have expressed grief, specifically their lamentation practices, and how re-integrating some of their wisdom can help, teach and release us from the contemporary bondage of shame, control, and the oppression of deep emotions that can lead to depression, illness, stifled creativity and lack of purpose to having more energy, freeing up inner resources to create a new life

Learn Jacyntha’s main discoveries about grief and

the primary path of healing in her free Master Class…

Webinar From Grief to Bliss

To schedule a time to meet with Jacyntha so she can hear more about your grief, your situation, your challenges and to help you create a customized path of healing, and see if this program is a good match for you, sign up for a live call…

We will be honored to have you join us on this rich, deep, beautiful journey to embrace grief as one of life’s most important initiations.

With love and care,




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